Where do I go for WBB?

You’ve got to register first, wait for our confirmation and your codes.

To sign in go to the following link.

Use a computer rather than a tablet or phone. The link doesn’t work when you are already logged in.

1. As Username use the username that we sent to you after your registration.

2. As Password use the password that we sent to you after your registration.

You can copy and paste the Username and Password to avoid mistakes.

3. Click “Login”. You will be able to test our system as 5 new tabs will show up.

4. Click Women’s Basketball to filter out MBB and every other sport.

5. From now on, the list of players and the overviews will show only WBB specific content. In the blog section posts after April 2019 include WBB references.

6. In the updates section we show the log for every sport.

If nothing works sent us an e-mail here.