What about the population covered?

This is a scouting service that covers International Prospective Student-Athletes from Greece. There are two things for consideration about the population covered:

First of all, our base is at the Athens metropolitan area which is one of the largest urban zones in Europe, just after London (UK), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Berlin (Germany). With a subscription to our service, consider the high possibility of finding a high quality international prospect, as there are over 250 clubs with juniors and seniors registered in that region only! Get coverage for a far away country with an increasing number of athletes enrolled in various academies!

Secondly, athletes in Europe who graduate from high school should not be considered by default as interested in pursuing a higher education overseas, as they have other paths to follow as well (you can read more on that issue in the scout’s blog – registration required). Those who want to be considered as prospects and understand that competing in college basketball is a privilege, are only a small percentage of the graduates each year. We focus only on them! Save time and resources! Never again view profiles of uninterested athletes or athletes who may not fit!

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