Do you scout college basketball or just HS prospects?

We scout college basketball as well during the academic year that the U18 basketball leagues are underway. In fact we watch MBB and WBB college games of all levels, including HM, MM, LM, D2 and D3. We also watch FIBA youth National Team competitions during the summer. Finally, we watch NBA, Euroleague, Basketball Champions League and Greek Basket League games. We watch whatever comes to our attention no matter of the level of competition! Why?

By watching games of all levels, we evaluate better the potential of prospects and our estimations become even more accurate! Our experienced scout watches numerous games in person or on video each year. We are aware of the problems that may arise when an athlete makes the transition from one level to the other. When he tries to get accustomed with a new environment and the different way coaches or officials treat similar situations.

You can see our list of watched games in the scout’s blog (registration required).

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