How to apply for a subscription or a free trial?

To apply for a subscription or a free trial simply follow the next steps:

1. Fill out the form of interest in the following link: REGISTER

2. After that, select the type of package you are interested in.

3. Check the little box next to the phrase “Send me login credentials”.

4. Enter the captcha code. It is the 6-digits code located inside the red circle in the following picture:


5. Click the blue button “Submit Request”.

If there is something wrong, a message in red will show up indicating all invalid values. The most common warning is when you write the phone with the following symbols -, (), / or the name of your school with the symbol “&” instead of the word “and”. Our form does not accept such characters. All characters of the phone should be numeric.

If everything is correct the following phrase will show up: Request Sent!

We will reply to you with a confirmation e-mail that we received your request.

If you choose the Trial Version, we will grant you login credentials (Trial Version Username and Password) and guide you through the sign in process.

If you choose the Annual Subscription, we will send you our bank account information to proceed with the payment, your invoice and eventually your login credentials (Annual Subscription Username and Password).

Please allow us up to two business days to process your request. If we don’t reply to your request in two days, please send us an e-mail here.

Please note you must be a college coach in the US to apply. Use your institution’s e-mail address in all correspondence with our service.

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