How do you offer your service?

Contains compliance information. Our service is offered to US college coaches with the following way:

– We update our info at least 4 times per calendar year. Specifically, we try to add new prospects, scouting reports and written articles at a higher frequency, at least twice a month.

– We publicly identify our geographical scope, which is international. The area of focus is Greece. Our base is at the Athens metropolitan area where nearly half the population of the country lives. We also travel to various other cities to provide coverage for major events.

– Our service is made available to all universities/colleges desiring to subscribe with the following packages: the “trial version” or the “annual subscription”.

– The “annual subscription” grants you login credentials to access our platform. When you log in to our platform, it includes 5 basic areas:

1. The list of athletes
2. The overviews
3. The updates
4. The scout’s blog
5. The vocabulary

All institutions with an active “annual subscription” get access to the same 5 areas. The 5 areas are identical for all registering universities/colleges.

The “trial version” is free or charge and lets you review the same 5 areas but only for the content we created in our first year of service (until Nov 2018). To view more content after that, you will need an active “annual subscription”.

– Our service is made available at the same fee rate for all universities/colleges regardless of any conference affiliation or level of NCAA divisional status and we publicly identify it. The cost of the “annual subscription” is $1550 per year. You get full access to our platform for the 2018-2019 calendar year (ends May 31, 2019).

– We provide analysis beyond demographic information or rankings. Each prospect in our platform has his own profile that includes academic information and athletic analysis.

– We provide samples/previews before purchase and in a standardized format that ensures consistent distribution: (SAMPLE1) (SAMPLE2) (TRIAL VERSION).

– We do not provide information in any other form (oral or written) beyond the standardized format.

Page updated Mar 2019

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