What is the difference between the subscription and the trial version?

The difference between the 2 packages is that the “trial version” costs $0 and the “annual subscription” costs $1550 per year. Those with an “annual subscription” get access to the same content as those with a “trial version”, plus the latest post in the scout’s blog – an important feature! The latest post in the scout’s blog may include crucial information about up-and-coming players, so if you want instant access to it, you have to buy a paid subscription. But if you wait for a few days (until a new post is written), then the previous latest post unlocks and you get access to it even with the free version! Follows us on twitter to keep track of those changes.

With the “trial version”, you get the chance to test our system and evaluate if our service meets your expectations. All you have to do is to register by filling out the form of interest located here. The cost of the “annual subscription” if we divide it by 12 is less than $130 per month. Each institution has to pay only once per year. We are able to grant access to every coach of every sport of that institution. Consider splitting the price with the other coaches of the coaching staff of your sport or coaches from the coaching staff of the other sports of your institution.

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