Are they any new features in your platform?

We are always trying to improve! At first we improved the profiles of the prospects. Except from the “LOP” and the “Overall” ratings (orange boxes in the pic below), all prospects now have two more values: “Offers” and “Interests” (green boxes). The first box indicates which schools show interest for the specific prospect. It also shows which school the prospect is considering to attend. If the school is not in the US, we also specify the city and the country. In the pic below you can see that the prospect wants to attend NTUA which is located in Athens, Greece (for those wondering, NTUA is one of the best polytechnic universities in the Balkans). The other box is the field of study they are interested in (for example business administration, finances, computer science, physical education) or other primary goals that may have (examples: playing DI basketball or studying abroad).

Secondly, we added a new “Contact” button in their profile. Interested for a specific prospect? Get the contact details of the parents for direct communication, to express your interest, to send them recruiting material and camp invites or just to ask for more information.

Last but not least, we simplified (a lot) the registration process! We included the package selection in the “form of interest” to speed up things a little more. Now you can choose between “Trial Version” or “Annual Subscription” before sending us your request.

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